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Find Out How To Write Hip Hop Lyrics Today! Customer Feedbacks

How to use "A Guide For Writing Hip Hop Lyrics" to write killer hip hop lyrics that will amaze and captivate audiences!

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Imagine putting your hip hop career in full-throttle when you find out how to write outstanding hip hop lyrics!

Envision the excitement you will feel.....when you find out how to create electrifying rap lyrics that will help you reach your potential as a hip hop valuable would this be to you?

As you read every word of this web page, you will experience first-hand and soon discover the powerful techniques that will sharpen your skills, give you swagger and amaze audiences.

I'll reveal the revolutionary techniques that will let you amaze audiences - and, more importantly how to use these methods to create your own recordings that will sell.

How I came to create "A Guide For Writing Hip Hop Lyrics"!

I came up with these techniques as a result of my extensive music training, natural sense of rhythm and knowledge of writing poetry.

I'm a pianist, who has won many awards, performed in many competitions, graduated from the University of Houston and was one of three villains in the feature film - "Queenie: Priestess of the Ghetto".

I have studied many hip hop lyrics and have written numerous rap lyrics.

For the past 2 years, I have studied similes, metaphors, multi-syllable rhymes and even internal rhymes that have achieved overwhelming results. I've found out what works, what doesn't work, and -- an incredible formula that I invented which will show you how to effectively rap your own lyrics to a beat.

I've created Hip Hop Writing Techniques
That will help ANY aspiring hip hop artist to
AMAZE everyone with their rap lyrics.

Imagine how exciting it will be when people are jamming to your music inside of clubs, when you have developed unstoppable swagger and when you can walk into ANY recording studio and spit your potent hip hop lyrics.

You no longer have to pull out your hair in frustration not knowing how to write and rap effective hip hop lyrics.

I've written this ebook so that you do not have to be unsure of yourself when you rap your lyrics to a beat.

Think of the street-cred and the respect you will obtain when you buy my ebook and find out how to create exhilarating lyrics.

When you find out how to write and rap hip hop lyrics to a beat, you will feel glad knowing that you put in the time to learn this craft.

Missing Link Revealed! The Techniques That Lets Audiences Become Captivated By Your Hip Hop Lyrics!

Through the effective use of mind-bending hip hop writing techniques, I have been able to write hip hop lyrics for not only myself but for other hip hop artists.....but you probably would not believe my claims.


Most people NEVER master hip hop writing or even find out how to rap. It is a rare skill that only a select few even attempt to find out. The learning process never ends in hip hop. But when you write with intelligence and from your heart, the audience will give you applause for your music. You will study hip hop as much as a college student trying to get his degree.

Congratulations! You have just been exposed to a simile - You will study hip hop as much as a college student trying to get his degree.

When you write hip hop lyrics using the dynamic steps I outline in my ebook, your music will be more effective.

I have to warn you. These hip hop writing techniques are so powerful, so effective at helping you to create and rap your own killer hip hop lyrics, that they'll give you an unfair advantage over most people who are trying to find out how to rap. I even wondered to myself if I should even let the general public be exposed to these techniques.

Therefore, I urge you....

Use A Guide For Writing Hip Hop Lyrics responsibly and with control.

A Peak Behind the Curtain

If you're curious as to what you'll find in A Guide For Writing Hip Hop Lyrics, here's a sneak peak:

• You will create effective hip hop lyrics that people will love!
• The magical way to create your inner rapping confidence -- it's slam dunk easy...when you know HOW!
• You will find out about the common devices used in hip hop!
• You will find out how to rap your own written lyrics to a beat!
• How to stimulate your audience with your own lyrics!
• You will develop a new found "swagger" in your hip hop writing!
• The amazing secrets to using similes and internal rhyme for developing your hip hop flow!
• How to create mesmerizing hooks and verses that grab the attention of your audience!
• You will develop a new confidence when writing and rapping hip hop lyrics!
• You will find out how to captivate audiences with your rapping skills!
Open the floodgates of your creativity and be on the road to creating your first demo!

Lets Cut to the Chase

By now, I'm sure you're beginning to understand why you really need to have this information about hip hop writing. As you probably already know, if other competitive rappers have this information and you don't - you're a sitting duck.

I know you'd rather be a successful "have" than a left-in-the-dust "have-not." And I'm positive you'd rather have this information so you can use it to "out-rap your competition” and potentially get applause in the process, than not have it and let someone else benefit from it instead.

Look at your watch -- it's time for you to get these closely guarded hip hop writing strategies and unleash tidal wave after tidal wave of killer hooks and verses.

Simply get your hands on my ebook today at the special discounted introductory price of / / $7. Within minutes, you'll get the book as a PDF file, which you can read online, or print and read at your desk, at your crib, or even at the beach.

Instant Learning! You Can Literally Create Amazing Lyrics Before The Sun Goes Down!

That's how quickly you'll learn and apply the powerful techniques in this book.
As you already know, just one verse, just ONE, can get you on the path to stardom. Write several verses and watch your hip hop writing improve dramatically. Continue using the techniques, and get ready to create hip hop CDs!!!

Is Doubt Holding You Back?

It doesn't have to. Here's my iron-clad guarantee:

If A Guide For Writing Hip Hop Lyrics isn't worth at least 3 times what you paid for it, return it within 60 days for a prompt and courteous refund.

You've got nothing to lose and so much to gain -- money, success, and all the time in the world to enjoy it. But wait, I want to make this a no-brainer, so…

You've Got What It Takes!
Since you've read this far, I can see that you realize just how valuable
A Guide For Writing Hip Hop Lyrics is - and how many ways you can benefit from it. You're exactly the kind of person I was thinking of when I created this resource, and exactly the kind of person I would want to rap with!

That's why I'm reminding you that if you take advantage of this risk-free offer today, you'll instantly get the ability to write hip hop lyrics at will and influence people to listen to your music as if they were your personally controlled "robots"!

Not for the Timid --
A Guide For Writing Hip Hop Lyrics is a Blockbuster
Are you ready to try it now…risk-free?



Richard Henry

P.S. How many incredible songs can you write with the techniques you'll discover in A Guide For Writing Hip Hop Lyrics? Frankly, I don't know. I'm offering you a hammer and many nails. You can build a doghouse or a castle. It's up to you. Why not just get the book, claim all the free bonuses below on this website, and see for yourself how many music fans you will obtain. Wouldn't that be the wisest choice? I would enjoy reading your testimonials of my ebook, so send them after you finish with the ebook. If you have a photo to add to your testimonial, that would be even better!

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