"Now you can take your hip hop lyrics to the next level with these techniques that will amaze and captivate audiences!"
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I. Introduction
In the last lesson we covered basic hip hop rhyming principles but now we are going to take rhyme in rap music and expand on it further because there is more to hip hop than rhyming.
Your rhymes need to be on target to effectively rap to a beat.
This lesson will consist of material that will help you make the most of your rhyming in hip hop.
Since you have made it this far, you have proven that not only you have what it takes to become a great MC but that you are also committed to the learning process of our hip hop lessons.
Are you ready to continue learning the elements that will one day propel your hip hop career?
If you said yes, then continue reading.

II. Rhyming Concepts and Devices
Here are some categories of rhyme that I want you to review and learn:
Perfect Rhymes- Now we all have seen plenty examples of perfect rhymes. It’s a rhyme in which the last part of a word or phrase sounds exactly the same such as: food/dude, clean/seen, car/far, banner/planner, touch/such, green/mean
Slant Rhymes- A rhyme which can have matching vowels but different consonants such as: shark/guard, slow/broke, lice/slide, boat/mode, shine/five, door/board
Alliteration- A literary device in which consecutive, repeating words have the same beginning consonant sounds. Example: The ship sank slowly to the bottom depths, My red ride really delivers speed, Your brown brave beast of a dog saved my life.
All rhymes do not have to always have the same number of syllables such as: congratulation/relation, important/rent, relate/date, singing/bring, microphone/home, Everywhere I go someone is watching me/But I’ll keep my focus and work on my recipe, Tonight is the night the darkness falls/So I’ll stay inside and watch Total Recall, It’s time to hit the clubs tonight/I’ll dress so well that people will say I look dynamite.
You can also rhyme with bigger words: complication/denomination, realization/certification, machinery/glimmering, conspiracy/lyrically, organization/obliteration, transformation/automation, relativity/creativity
*Hip Hop artists not only use their mouths and street cred, they also use their brains and intellect.
III. Rhyme Examples From Hip Hop Artists
Study these examples and the way that they rhyme and listen to the actual songs.

A. Tupac, Dear Mama:
They say I’m wrong and I’m heartless, but all along
I was looking for a father he was gone
B. Biggie, Juicy:
Now homies play me close like butter played toast
From the Mississippi down to the east coast
C. KRS-One, De Automatic:
A true rapper, street rapper, rappin to the center
I enter any cipher, with tales of adventure

D. Shing02, Ultimate High:
In folks you once felt close
Those you care about the most

E. Eminem, No One’s Iller Than Me:
I done lost 100 pounds, I ain’t been eatin’ like I should
This wounded dog in the street is sure looking’ good

F. Diabolic, The Swallowed:
Aimlessly leading your visions are blurred
Foolishly acting you seem so absurd

G. Jin, Learn Chinese:
I wish you would, come to CHINA TOWN
Get lost in town, end up in the lost and found

H. Run DMC, Word Is Born:
Shut up, cause I’m fed up, with this culture
And flyin high in the sky, a big vulture

I. Busta Rhymes, Against All Odds:
Yo, what you want from us Now visualize more of us
Stay toting under my given flavor from Nauticus
J. Cypress Hill, Hits From the Bong
Don’t get me wrong it’s not a new method Inhale, exhale
Just got a ounce in the mail

IV. Review
Now lets review the different kinds of rhymes devices that we studied earlier.

A. Perfect Rhymes
-It’s a rhyme in which the last part of a word or phrase sounds exactly the same. Examples: cruel/bull, night/kite, road/toad, fry/try, clam/gram, butter/clutter

B. Slant Rhymes
-A rhyme which can have matching vowels but different consonants. Examples: right/glide, song/balm, water/bought her(here’s a different one!), king/beam, milk/dim

C. Alliteration
-A literary device in which consecutive, repeating words have the same beginning consonant sounds. Examples: That girl is getting glad that she is about to graduate, Those forest fires fried four acres of land, In my hood you cannot trust those thugs on the corner.